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Research, writing and editing
CFP can help your organization produce articles, books, white papers, reports, op eds, and practice guides on child welfare, health and well-being, status offense and juvenile justice issues.  We have extensive research and writing experience ranging from publications that educate and persuade national audiences to internal memoranda for key organizational leaders.  CFP can coordinate development of publications from start to finish, including identifying subjects and authors, providing substantive editing, and overseeing copyediting, design and production. CFP can also conduct research and draft educational or informational materials on legal and policy issues based on state or federal legislation or case law. Selected publications.



CFP’s directors have developed and presented training sessions for attorneys, judges, social workers and other advocates and professionals at dozens of state and national conferences and continuing education seminars.  We are available to:
  • Speak on a wide range of child welfare, juvenile justice, and child and adolescent health topics.
  • Design complete training curricula including instructor guides, PowerPoint slides, handouts and pre/post tests.
  • Organize conferences and continuing education sessions, including identifying relevant topics, developing an agenda and securing subject matter experts.  
Past presentations.


Policy Development & Analysis
CFP can help your organization and its constituents adopt and disseminate key policy reforms relating to children and families.  CFP’s directors have developed and successfully sought passage of numerous organizational policy and practice statements that have been adopted and used by nationally recognized organizations. We can:
  • Organize standards development committees, draft standards of practice for legal and non-legal audiences and help garner support and endorsement for successful adoption by other organizations and agencies.
  • Draft organizational policy statements on child welfare, juvenile justice,or child and adolescent health topics and help obtain necessary support within and outside of your organization or agency.
We can also provide analyses or updates on state or national legislation and regulations relevant to children and families.  CFP can help you assess your organization’s or agency’s performance on specific issues relating to children and families and formulate a plan to improve, as well as develop and achieve broader strategic planning goals.  
Additional Services
CFP can also help develop and launch new initiatives, as well as assist with other organizational functions (e.g., project management or completion) on a short-term basis to fill in for temporary staff openings. CFP is also available to serve as a (non-lobbying) Washington, D.C. representative for organizations wishing to have a local presence and voice.
CFP's Capacity Statement


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